Business Model

Our business model was developed to work through the different stages of a project development, from conceptual design to operations. As project developers and business managers, we elaborated the following phases:

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 12.11.58

  • Search for Opportunities: market analysis (the market, the competition, competitiveness, regulatory & institutional, among others)
  • Opportunity Analysis: full due diligence, including technical analysis (soils, grapes, etc.), tax, urbanism, environmental, among others
  • Business conceptualisation & design & modelling: assumptions & budget, valuation & returns (e.g. yields for different scenarios, sensitivity analysis for the KPI’s), strategic timeline, tax planning, among others
  • Capital Structuring & Funding: equity, debt and subsidies (EU funds, etc)
  • Management: people, governance, marketing & branding, strategic partnerships, technology, among others
  • Business Repositioning: premium (re)branding, sustainable business, international benchmarking
  • Monetisation & Asset Optimisation: after carrying out the full cycle, it is time to monetise & optimise the investment & assets, through different ways (exit, long term hold, etc)
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