Value Proposition

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  • Assembled the right and effective team with combined decades of experience in hospitality and vitiviniculture including strategic partnerships, top professionals for key positions and local experts intimately familiar with local operations
  • Capital structuring, including E.U. funds and subsidised debt
  • Hospitality projects development in integration and collaboration with hotel management partner (e.g. standards and procedures)
  • Implementation of innovative solutions (new technologies) to increase efficiency and results
  • Extensive research and due diligence of the business opportunity including market analysis, soil & grape analysis, financial modelling, among others
  • Implementation of biodynamic high-quality vitiviniculture standards and procedures, capitalising on consumer trends such as increasing demand for organically sourced premium wine
  • Roll-out new projects, exploring the synergies and optimising overall returns
  • International quality and environmental certifications (e.g. organic and biodynamic), confirming our sustainable best practices
  • Local IR (institutional relationship) with key stakeholders such as: chamber, development agencies, wine institutions, nature and forest conservation institute, among others
  • “Skin & soul in the game”, being fully committed and responsible for the development, management and conversion into premium hospitality and biodynamic wines, including (when necessary): winery project & design, implementation of new viticulture practices, rebranding, marketing & sales, HR, daily routines, among others
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